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Preparing for your 80 year old self with kindness and love

Maybe you are not receiving any government assistance right now and your income has decreased. Perhaps you feel COVID has done a number on your resources. Or you are not covering basic expenses, your credit cards are maxed out and your debt plan has gone out the window. Whatever situation you are in, it’s uncomfortable. […]

Putting Out These Fires

I woke up on Saturday to wildfire smoke out my front window. It was thick and heavy and we couldn’t leave our residence. I live about 1500km from the California wildfires in the interior of British Columbia. My eyes are sore, my throat itchy, and a headache has been sitting in my head hammering away […]

Generosity and mental models around money

Generosity and mental models around money Have you ever sat down and thought about your relationship with money and whether those views you are carrying around are actually aligned with your personal vision?