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Happy New Year, 2024

Wishing you wellness and happiness for this coming year! I have been quiet. My last newsletter was in November, because I’ve been away on a 6-week journey in Brazil, deepening my practice in generosity.   I want to share what generosity in action looks like for me as an example of a positive and healthy relationship […]

How creating a mindful container can save you time, energy and money

I am in bed. The worry and anxiety starts. There is a lull in the business. Yes, it’s August. It is usually a low time for the business. People are on holiday. But maybe this will continue? Better go back to the drawing board again and do some revenue scenario planning. And I am hot […]

[:en]Feeling wrong around money?[:]

[:en]Many of us want to manage money skillfully, sensibly and thoughtfully. We want to get good at negotiating a salary or setting a price reflecting our abilities. We want to spend money consciously, set a budget, and keep up with the budget. We want to look after our 85-year-old self. We want to use it […]

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