I’ve had great success helping the following kinds of people or organizations

If you see yourself on this page, it could be that we’re a good fit to work together.

And yet, even if you don’t see yourself here and you would like to work with me, I would still love to hear from you.

Small business owners and solopreneurs

To successfully run a business, you want the decisions you’re making to be the right ones.

For this reason, I offer personal money coaching for individuals who are responsible for their own business and want to look at their own unconscious patterns and behaviors around money. Quite simply, until you bring your own money story into the open, your business will be affected by your attitudes, fears, and the weight of your family history.

I highly encourage my business coaching clients to go through this core money coaching process first.


Oh, my gosh. I feel so honored to have worked with so many inspiring women who want to feel empowered around money and their businesses and relationships.

Whether you’re a business owner, single mother, a healer or academic, or you’re struggling in a relationship with your partner, I would love to work with you.

From an early age, many of us women have been taught to feel disempowered around money. These deep-seated messages lead to unhealthy patterns like:

  • taking care of others at the expense of our own well being
  • feelings of unworthiness or guilt around earning money
  • living in survival mode
  • taking on a partner’s or family member’s debt or financial troubles
  • unhealthy spending habits

Healers, artists, or teachers

I’ve worked with many people in the areas of healing and the creative arts who have dreams and yet something about money stops them from moving forward into financial health.

The thing is, when stepping into our power, into our ability to earn money, we can sometimes feel like we’ve given up our authenticity as an artist or caregiver.

Or, many people hold back from fully pursuing their dreams, choosing instead the security of the next paycheck, or to look after other people – because we think that following our dreams is somehow selfish.

If this resonates for you, I can help you change self-defeating patterns and better honor and support your future.

Facilitators and owners of co-working and collaborative spaces

If you’re a facilitator who helps groups, you may have had a variety of training and use different approaches, such as conflict resolution, ULab, design thinking, the art of hosting, and you’ve not yet learned about money archetypes.

There are two reasons why facilitators may benefit from money coaching:

1) You’re doing all this great work empowering and encouraging growth in others, yet somehow you’re not making a lot of money. We’ll look at the unconscious patterning that may be holding you back.
2) As a tool to make conversations move forward. Sometimes, the issue that’s holding back a group is money. As a facilitator, it’s extremely useful to be able to identify and work with the archetypes manifesting in a group.


One of the most powerful processes I’ve been through is money coaching with my husband. We have freed up so much energy by being able to discuss and plan our finances together openly, without unspoken or unconscious fears or defensiveness driving us in different directions.

Since then, I have helped many other couples through this same empowering and healing process, holding the space for them to explore and grow together. Let’s face it, if we don’t grow together, we grow apart.

You can read more about couples money coaching here.

Entrepreneurs with a triple bottom line – social, environmental as well as financial

– Social Entrepreneurs

You’re capable and you care deeply. Perhaps you’re stepping out of the corporate mould into new areas that you’re passionate about, or maybe you want to set the world right – or at least, one little corner of it. Yet, while wanting to do these new and great things you’re held back by your unconscious views about earning money in this new way, and this goes deep into the roots of your family and cultural conditioning.

I’ve had great success working with social entrepreneurs who want to claim new ground in their lives and know that they need to learn to make better choices around money and relationships.

– People in transition coming from the corporate world

Have you recently left full-time employment to pursue a new business venture that’s more in line with your values? This is the perfect time to look at your relationship with money – as if you need anyone to tell you that!

You may have done all kinds of professional, self-development, and even spiritual work, and yet still find that areas of your life remain untouched or in shadow. Money coaching gets right to the heart of this, working at the level of family conditioning and unconscious views about money, power, and self worth.

I’ve held the space for this work for people like you on four continents. Whether you have a troubled or supportive family conditioning, I can help you unleash your full potential.


– Non profits / Charities

Your organization may be doing amazing things, and you may be working with and helping some amazing people. Yet, if you’re like most non-profits, there is a constant awareness of one thing – lack of resources.

While this may be a reality, there can also be a mindset of scarcity that sabotages your growth unnecessarily.

I can help your organization become aware of individual and group patterns and attitudes around money, freeing up energy for better decision making and growth.

– Spiritual organizations

It’s a beautiful thing to work together to create something that is more than yourself. As co-founder of a meditation center, I know.

And yet, good intentions don’t mean the money will take care of itself.

After the initial donations and enthusiasm begin to level off, there comes a time when every organization needs to get smart with money if it wants to survive and thrive.

So, when questions like, “Where will the money come from for that?” get asked, how is the group dealing with them when it comes to decision making and group accountability?

If your organization is being led by individual and group money archetypes unchecked, I can tell you from experience that you’ll benefit greatly from the insights of money coaching, and I’d love to help you.

You can read more about coaching for spiritual organizations here.

Coaching for Small Businesses and Organizations

Does it worry you that you might be running your business yet simply not be doing the important tasks?

All businesses have certain underlying behavior dynamics. These can facilitate or hinder opportunities for growth.
I engage with clients in a systematic process of creating change within their businesses.

These are some of the issues small businesses can be dealing with:

  • The business is not meeting needs of the owner, whether these are spoken or unspoken.
  • The business is being driven by unacknowledged goals of chief decision makers.
  • Businesses activities are actually reflecting or being directed by personal needs, or, at the other extreme,
  • Owners are focusing on their work at the expense of their other needs.
  • Family dynamics are being reflected in the business.
  • There may be overlapping or confusion about hierarchies & job assignments.
  • Some functional tasks are not being taken care or are being covered very poorly.
  • Potential assets or resources are not being explored.

You might not have it in your consciousness to identify what’s getting better and needs to be strengthened, or even left alone with no interference.
Or you might not be able to identify what’s getting worse (and needs to be reduced) or identify trends that are staying the same, which should maybe be supported to change.

You can read more about small business coaching here. I encourage all of my small business clients to first take the core individual money coaching process. It is vital to understand our personal money archetypes because they affect our business decisions just as they affect our personal finance decisions.

Financial Planners and Advisors

The fact is, even people with sound financial plans and investment strategies often fail to follow them. Why does this happen? Because their decisions get overruled by unaddressed issues and emotions around money.

I give financial planners and advisors a clear framework and the tools they need to help clients move beyond these limiting patterns and beliefs. From here, together they can form a deeper understanding of the client’s patterns and behaviors that could otherwise derail the client’s ability to achieve their financial goals.

You can read more about how training for financial planners and advisors works here.

I offer this course in association with the Money Coaching Institute.