Coaching for Social Profits and Spiritual Communities

Karen offers unique services to Social profits and Spiritual communities. The principles of Money Coaching are amplified within an organizational environment, where the money types of boards, executives, employees & volunteer staff (and Karma yogis for spiritual communities) combine to create a unique money “fingerprint” for every organization.

Photo by John Einarsen

Photo by John Einarsen

Money Coaching consists of one-on-one coaching with key executives and individuals within an organization to identify the dominant money types that are influencing the company. By identifying both positive and negative influences, the coach works with the management and staff to enhance personal and financial performance and remove roadblocks to greater financial prosperity and increased job satisfaction and performance.

Coaching Rate: $250 per hour

Mindfulness training cultivates the mind’s innate abilities to be focused, clear, creative and compassionate. It is not about becoming absorbed in something. It is about your ability to aim and sustain your attention when you choose to do so, and it is about being able to notice that you are making the choice.

– Janice Marturano

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