Money and Mindfulness: developing freedom & power in your relationship with money.

Led by Karen McAllister and Maria Dion

Dates: 3 webinars on November 2, November 9 and November 23 at 5pm – 6pm MT

Course Description: A three-week course designed to initiate the exploration and understanding of your relationship with money, and begin transforming it using new perspectives and sustainable practices.

Why Do This Course? Break out of the universal struggle for money and enjoy a life of sufficiency! Develop a profound sense of gratitude in your relationship to your money and the world. Discover how to foster personal and financial growth and change your story about money and about your place in the world. Get on a new track for the rest of your life – a life of powerful direction, clarity and peace of mind!

Course Outcomes:
1. Develop a greater sense of awareness of and appreciation for your financial life;
2. Understand how money and your use of it is a form self expression;
3. Assess your “money types” and understand the impact they have on your life, your relationships and your finances;
4. Develop next steps for concrete practices to support a healthier relationship to money.


“I just finished four money coaching sessions with Karen in which she guided me through assignments and exercises that not only helped me see my dysfunctional beliefs and behavioral patterns around money but also helped me recognize their origins. I loved doing the assignments because they led to many ‘aha’ moments and awareness that I’m finding I can apply to other areas in my life.
Karen’s non-judgemental and insightful comments and her compassionate manner helped me explore my attitudes around money, something that previously I’d been too scared to do. And after doing this core money coaching work, I find that I’m now keen to tackle my debt and have learnt ways to manage my belief that there’ll ‘never be enough’. Thank you, Karen, for helping me achieve this.”
– Helen, Calgary, Alberta
“After attending a day long workshop with Maria on thinking about money, I had an hour private session with her on specific issues in my life. What I got out of working with Maria was confidence in being able to look at questions I had about income, outflow, and sufficiency in my own life. I was more willing to take on the responsibility to understand what I needed to to manage my financial life, and I had more confidence that I could do so. With Maria I was able to approach these issues with a sense of integrity, not kidding myself about what I wished were true, but really seeing how my values were reflected in how I used money. Maria is knowledgeable, astute, and compassionate. Working with her is a pleasure and a real learning experience.” – MCO, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Register Now. Come to know yourself, your money and your world from a place of strength and abundance. Your place in the world will change.

Webinars:Interactive webinars will be taped and available for the month of November

Price: 3 x 1 hour webinar series for $50 in total

About Us:

Karen is a trained money coach and is passionate about identifying and understand money patterns that limit your personal and professional potential. She is trained to help you move into a better relationship with money and create more clarity, purpose and prosperity in your life.

Maria is a project manager and teacher who enjoys working with people to discover what it is to live a purposeful life in the realm of money. She teaches workshops and classes that assist others in creating confidence and ease with money and in every area of their lives, using money as a path to greater self-expression.

Maria and Karen both belong to a community devoted to helping people stand from a place of sufficency in their relationship to money and their world. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Karen McAllister
Maria Dion