My approach to money coaching can be described by the following principles:


1) An untold story is an unconscious story. Since money is often a taboo topic, your full money story has probably never been told.

2) We develop behavior patterns around our unexpressed needs and fears. With money, the patterns often manifest as unconsciously modeling one or both of our parents.

3) Trust is key. Because these patterns run deep, we need a container of non-judgement and compassion for our core money issues to be revealed.

4) As human beings, we have the unique ability to use self awareness to change our patterns and behaviors.

5) After becoming conscious of our relationship with money and letting go of the hurt surrounding it, we can begin to make financial decisions in alignment with our true life purpose.


As your money story unfolds, I will hold the space for you to discover a new relationship with money. From there, you can also build new relationships with your business, your family, loved ones, and even other people regarding money.