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Having attended a very thought-provoking and inspiring seminar by Karen, I felt compelled to work with her in relation to creating a more empowered and mindful relationship with money. During the coaching process, Karen was supportive, encouraging and created a wonderful empathic space to explore and gain new insights about areas I wanted to improve and take action on. I would highly recommend working with her as a transformative experience to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals

Liz BarronLeadership & Team Coaching | Training | Facilitation

I have worked with Karen in my association with Clear Sky Meditation Center and she is also a graduate of my training program at the Money Coaching Institute. I have found Karen to be exceptionally bright, compassionate and always works from a place of heart and integrity. Her skillset is very broad and diverse and she is highly professional in all her endeavors.

Deborah PriceCEO and Founder, The Money Coaching Institute and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

I’ve read books, taken courses and done tons of personal work to change my relationship with money. Karen McAllister’s coaching is helping me understand the underlying beliefs, emotions and patterns that are driving my money behaviour, and the results that creates. She goes deep – which is the only place where real change can happen. For the first time in my adult life, I am making positive long-lasting changes and already I can see a positive difference in my financial situation. I highly recommend her money coaching.

Bonnie HutchinsonEdmonton Alberta Canada

I just finished four money coaching sessions with Karen in which she guided me through assignments and exercises that not only helped me see my dysfunctional beliefs and behavioral patterns around money but also helped me recognize their origins. I loved doing the assignments because they led to many ‘aha’ moments and awareness that I’m finding I can apply to other areas in my life.
Karen’s non-judgemental and insightful comments and her compassionate manner helped me explore my attitudes around money, something that previously I’d been too scared to do.
And after doing this core money coaching work, I find that I’m now keen to tackle my debt and have learnt ways to manage my belief that there’ll ‘never be enough’. Thank you, Karen, for helping me achieve this.

Helen Calgary

Karen was my personal money coach earlier in 2014. It was a life-altering experience. In a very skillful way Karen opened my eyes to my relationship patterns with and beliefs about money, surfacing some that were detrimental and helping me to understand how to change them. She’s completely nonjudgmental and keenly focused on her client’s well being. I’m grateful to Karen for working with me to set me on the road for greater financial abundance.

Lynn HaukaLeadership coach and blogger

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