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Happy New Year, 2024

Wishing you wellness and happiness for this coming year! I have been quiet. My last newsletter was in November, because I’ve been away on a 6-week journey in Brazil, deepening my practice in generosity.   I want to share what generosity in action looks like for me as an example of a positive and healthy relationship […]

[:en]Feeling wrong around money?[:]

[:en]Many of us want to manage money skillfully, sensibly and thoughtfully. We want to get good at negotiating a salary or setting a price reflecting our abilities. We want to spend money consciously, set a budget, and keep up with the budget. We want to look after our 85-year-old self. We want to use it […]

[:en]Healing My Relationship With Money[:]

[:en]I had always had enough money — that wasn’t the issue. Growing up in a middle class family, there was always enough. And as an adult, I worked as a recruiter at a hedge fund and had done very well with investments in cryptocurrency. Yet, for some reason I felt a sense of tightness around […]

Blocks to Prosperity

Blocks to your Prosperity all in your head? Poverty, population issues, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks, and inequality. The world faces many great and terrifying problems. Many of us can feel helpless and hopeless. I certainly do. And I am committed to doing my little bit in my part of the world. Every […]

Interview with Duncan Cryle and Karen McAllister on integrating mindfulness into our daily lives

Duncan Cryle is Senior Director at a global software company with over 25000 employees where he also leads a company-wide mindfulness program. He was previously one of the pioneers of IBM’s mindfulness community. He is founding member of Clear Sky Center in British Columbia, Canada, and is co-executive director there. He co-teaches Clear Sky’s Integrating […]