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[:en]Money as Mirror[:]

[:en]I have a life partner. He earns a lot more than I do. He is in the technology field, and I am in the counselling industry. He makes three times the amount I do. He finds my work has more impact on others than his. I receive less money. We talk about the inequality in […]

[:en]The Money & Mindfulness Dance: It may not be about money at all![:]

[:en]Many people feel stuck around money.  Perhaps you feel wrong about money. You may feel like you are not energetically able to receive. Or you might put blocks up to prosperity and can’t name why.  Sometimes we make it all about the money. What I always tell my clients is, let’s take a more holistic […]

[:en]Healing My Relationship With Money[:]

[:en]I had always had enough money — that wasn’t the issue. Growing up in a middle class family, there was always enough. And as an adult, I worked as a recruiter at a hedge fund and had done very well with investments in cryptocurrency. Yet, for some reason I felt a sense of tightness around […]

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