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With so many worries right now, how can this moment be perfect?

I just came out of a week-long retreat, practising breathing in and out. That’s it. It was that simple. I was noticing whether my breath was long or short. Each day my body calmed down, and my thoughts and emotions slowed down. This is the meditation system, called Anapanasati, taught by the Buddha, in which […]

How To Improve Your Relationship With Power

A talented landscape artist, Tamires specialized in Japanese garden design and construction. But she was teaching English. Nothing wrong with teaching English. But this was not where Tamires’s talent, abilities, her passion and interest lay. She would do pro bono design work and work when requested by a full-time landscape design professional. Bits and bobs, […]

How Wealth Complicates Our Relationships With People We Want To Help

People are far more open about their sex lives than their money lives. This is according to my meditation teachers Acariya Doug Duncan and Cata Sensei. And money can be as much a source of relationship dysfunction as sex can. Feeling Uncared For By The People I Wanted To Help: “ I try saying something, […]

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