Life Coaching

After their money coaching with me, some people find that they need to spend time understanding why they are here on the planet. Some of them might be making a big transition like changing careers or direction, recovering from a major illness, or going into retirement, and they need a new vision for this new chapter in their lives.

For them, spending some time in life coaching sessions might be what is needed.

Other people who come to me, rather than doing money work, right away want to spend time exploring and defining why they are here. They want to know what direction they need to take that aligns with their gifts, talents, and abilities.

Everybody wants to contribute to the world, especially in these unpredictable times where our environment and the social fabric of our society seem like they are falling apart. And yet, we are not trained to give ourselves the time and space to create a life purpose, to come to know our values and create a personal vision for the next stages in our lives.

Contact me now if you would like to discuss life coaching sessions with me.

Spiritual Coaching

Or, maybe you are a spiritual explorer and you want to start a mindfulness practice or build more consistency and strength into a practice you already have. Perhaps you want to bring more mindful awareness to every aspect of your life.

If so, my teaching partner and husband, Duncan, and I invite you to join our next Ignite Your Spiritual Life Course. We teach this online course on behalf of Clear Sky Center, a meditation center of which we are founding members, in British Columbia, Canada. Click here to learn more about this course and the next start date.