Holistic Clearing Retreats

For clients and graduates of my money coaching programs

Having done your money work, you’ll have brought out some of your unconscious behaviors. You’ll have worked on leveraging your strengths to support your values and to get a higher return on your time and money.

Next, take this learning further. I want you to let the work you’ve done fully into your being, and the most powerful way I know to do this is in a meditation retreat.

I invite you to join me in a Holistic Clearing retreat, using a specific system of meditation designed for modern people like you to purify, balance, and strengthen your whole being.

In a Holistic Clearing retreat, we look at three areas: what is strong, what is holding you back, and what is lacking.

Holistic Clearing Meditation

1) What is strong?

Firstly, we go deeply into our strengths and what’s important to us. We connect with past experiences that have brought us positive feelings, and we practice actively growing these feelings.  We will experiment with different kinds of positive experiences and see what each one does for us, and how it can drawn on as a strength.

In this way, we learn that we can access these empowering experiences when we need them.

2) What is blocking or holding us back?

We tend to get fixated by our blocks, and want to get away from them. Always starting from a place of immersion in our strengths, in the retreat setting we can go deeper into these areas safely. We ask questions that will help us uncover and heal those areas that are preventing growth, healing, and unfolding.

3) What is lacking?

From here we’ll begin to look at areas of our lives that we have somehow not explored or have been left out. We consider how, under different circumstances, we could have been interested in everything. We will use three different approaches to root out these areas, where we may discover hidden resistances that are draining our energy.

4) Balancing

As the final piece of Holistic Clearing, we’ll do regular exercises to help integrate and balance out the work in the three areas above.

Why Holistic Clearing?

In your money coaching, you freed up those parts of yourself that had shut down around money, for whatever reason. While our issues around money touch on many areas, such as cultural and family conditioning, freeing up our energies around money is just one piece of what is sometimes called our unfolding.

As its name suggests, Holistic Clearing Meditation throws the net wider. It was created to help us peek inside at energies that need not be shut down, and give us tools to get things moving. As such, it is an ideal follow on to your money coaching work.


Contact Karen for details of the next Holistic Clearing retreat now.