Peace & Ease with Money

An online course with Karen McAllister

Overcome unconscious beliefs that are blocking your ability to flourish financially, emotionally and spiritually, and bring your business or career into alignment


Don't just take my word for it...


I had recently taken on a new position that put me in line for another promotion and large up-leveling of income. I wanted to make sure that I was prepared psychologically and energetically, so that I would be open and willing to receive and not putting up unconscious roadblocks. Karen helped me to dive back into some childhood issues so that I could look at them in terms of how they were affecting my money stories. Working with Karen meant I finally broke through my usual pattern of creating a ceiling for myself. She helped me reframe old beliefs so that I could flow easily with all the good things as they happened.


When I started working with Karen I’d been treading water at my company for about 7 years,  and I had just gotten licensed as a fiduciary. I was clinging to my job even though I never felt like I could make enough money there, but I was too scared to go out on my own, even though I knew I could do the work. Now, a year later, I’ve built my business, and it’s been a wildly successful transition! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Karen. I now really believe that there is enough, even though when Karen and I started I was totally compulsive and worried, checking my bank accounts several times a day. This work has radically transformed my financial life and wellbeing. Changing my relationship with money has brought me confidence and clarity.


What if you get to the heart of your relationship with money?

I invite you to reconnect with abundance and feel confident when making money decisions regardless of the state of the economy.

I believe achieving financial freedom is possible for you in a world where we’re constantly fed messaging that there’s not enough to go around for everyone.

Maybe you can relate to some of these anxieties:

“Why do I self-sabotage around money?”

“Why do I feel like I’m always doing something wrong with money?”

“I’m worried about not having enough.”

“Why do I feel a lack of meaning and connection even though I’m successful?”

There is a path to working all this out.

There is a path forward

We’re entering a new era in human history, and I invite you to use this time to collectively fuel an awakening around your relationship with money and reclaim your earning power.

When you come to recognize that you are part of a flow of abundance and sufficiency…

You have good financial habits and are proactive about your goals

You are energetically open and willing to receive

You are comfortable knowing the value you bring to clients or your employer

You no longer hate money or feel guilty for wanting, needing, or having it

Your work is in alignment with your core values and spiritual beliefs

What can you expect?

The quick details:

This 8 week money circle with Karen McAllister

Sessions will run weekly from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm EST

The money circle will consist of two 4 week long Modules; you can sign up for the first or both Modules

There is a 1 week break between Module 1 and Module 2

Three 30-minute individual sessions with Karen are included per Module

The money circle will be $550 USD per module, or $1100 USD total

Module 1 will start on Jan 18th – Feb 8th, 2023, respectively

Module 2 will start on Feb 22nd – March 15th, 2023, respectively

The detailed breakdown:

Module 1: Dredging

Sessions 1 & 2: Insight and AHA!

Before you build a different relationship with money, you need to understand why you self-sabotage around money. In this session, we’ll map out the history of your life in relation to resources and money, so you can get some clues and build awareness and clarity about the patterns and beliefs you have around money that cause you to hold yourself back. You begin to see why.

Transformation: From stuck in fear, anxiety, and a scarcity mindset to awareness

Session 3: Letting Go

We need to face the unacknowledged pain of the relationship with ourselves, our parents, family systems and lineage to close old wounds in order to move on. This also includes race, culture and country. The healing addresses the impacts of racism and sexism on financial means and comfort.

Transformation: From ball and chain to freedom and light

Session 4: Sorting Out

In this session we focus on naming the good and challenging patterns, behaviors, and views we’ve inherited from the family and cultural ecosystem. We lay out and name all these patterns and behaviors in your life so that you become more aware how you’re talking about money, how you behave about money, and what’s going on with you around money NOW. We also start to generate more positive strategies such as gratitude and generosity practices to strengthen you around money.

Transformation: From painful to useful

Module 2: Foundation

Session 1: Focus and Clarity

From Module 1, you’ve done all this healing on your money traumas and named all your patterns around money currently. Yet you don’t see much change in your day to day activities around your money life. This is where the rubber meets the road and we start choosing the top 3 patterns, behaviors and views that are getting in the way of you being able to navigate and make decisions around money with ease, awareness and clarity. We do this through a powerful lens called the money archetypes. Labeling the voices or common phrases and narratives according to the money archetypes creates a space to not take your patterns too personally, but see the underlying shaping.

Transformation: From resistant to hopeful

Session 2: Pattern Breaking

We have done the foundation work. Now it’s application. It’s all about applying your new state of ease, awareness and clarity to increase your income, build better financial habits and be seen and valued by your industry. The foundation naturally allows you to do all the other stuff. It’s time to practice what you have learned, lean into breaking old patterns as they arise, apply the archetypes and figure out the how-to and the step-by-steps.

Transformation: From fear to breakthrough

Session 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Know the wholesome for the wholesome and grow it, and know the unwholesome for the unwholesome and cut it off. This is important because recognizing, allowing, investigating and cutting off the unwholesome patterning or self-limiting beliefs around money as it arises during your day is where the rubber meets the road. The old patterns and self-limiting views will continue to rise, but each time you feel the fear and lean into it, the weaker they become. At the same time as watching for the negatives to arise, it is important to acknowledge, grow and appreciate your new patterning and desires. What you appreciate appreciates. When you acknowledge and pay attention to the good, it become generative, reciprocal and collaborative.

Transformation: From uncertain to feeling centered

Session 4: Holistic Clearing

Our work is very aligned with the ideas of sustainable, circular economies; we want to help you do your best work in order to have a high-value impact on the world. We want you to make a living, not a dying. We want you to approach your work in a way that promotes resource reduction, extended use, reuse and recycling or composting while meeting performance, safety and health requirements. We want to impart the gift of being able to help you ground in your own center so that you become stronger and even more centered as a result. We do this by bringing you through a program which is designed to face and deal with paralysis, called Holistic Clearing. We work through the three courses of paralysis: blocks, lacks and “do your own thing” strengths.

Transformation: From unsure to confident

Karen McAllister

Karen is a Certified Money & Business Archetype coach, a Time To Think Facilitator, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, non-profit leader, and spiritual-seeker. Her passion is helping individuals, families, couples, social entrepreneurs, and mission-based organisations wake up to their value and talents, so that they can contribute their very best to the world.

She helps people and heart-centered organizations achieve their goals by releasing the suffering and tension around their relationship with money. With over ten years’ experience in nonprofit leadership & fund development – combined with her own path around money – make her intimately familiar with the struggles that people and organisations face.